Eagle Scout Roster:  to see our proud list of Eagle Scouts from Troop 194 throughout the years, click here.

Current Youth (Scouts):  Boy Scouts, including Troop 194, is a “scout led” activity, which means that the scouts lead themselves.  Indeed, a more experienced scout serves as the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), there are two Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders and three Patrol Leaders, among other leadership positions for the young men (Scribe, Quartermaster, etc.)   These youth leadership positions rotate periodically (typically every six months or so).  Their names are not posted on this website.

Adults:  The adult leaders in Troop 194 and are all volunteers, provide coaching, mentorship, and resources, while ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for scouts to thrive.  Our current formal adult leaders include the following:

Scoutmaster:  Mr. Peter Ricci (SM_troop194_addy


Peter Ricci is the current Scoutmaster of Troop 194 Bedford. Having participated in scouting as a youth, Peter believes in the value of scouting and became a leader to give back some of what he learned. Peter was a Cub Scout leader in Bedford from 2010 to 2015, holding positions of Den Leader and Cubmaster. He returned to the Cub Scout Pack 2016 to 2017 to fill the vacancy of Cubmaster. Peter has been involved in many community organizations, including the elementary schools PTO, Youth & Family Services Committee, Bedford Babe Ruth Baseball, and Girl Scouts.

Peter Ricci has one son in Troop 194.

Committee Chairman:  Mr. Allan Coady (AC_troop194_addy


So who is this guy called “Mr. Coady”?

I am afraid to say that I am not a native of Bedford. Well, at least I did not arrive until I was four years old back in 1968. I was an Army “brat” when I lost my father as a young child so my mother thought it would be a good idea for me to join scouting. My scouting experience started in the fall of 1972 when I joined Pack 194 right here in Bedford. (Link to Scouting Background file).

After earning my Arrow of Light as a Webelos in the Pack I crossed over into Troop 194 in the spring of 1975. I spent 7 great years as a T194 scout, achieving both the Vigil honor in the Order of the Arrow and the rank of Eagle Scout. I am very pleased to be Troop 194’s 25th Eagle Scout.

I remained an Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) for the next 15 years as I went to college, married my wife Jean (sister of Jim Harrington Troop 194’s 8th Eagle Scout), started a family, and settled down in my new home at 320 Concord Road in Bedford. Then, in 1998, I was given a great opportunity to become the Committee Chairman (CC) for Troop 194. I have held this position (and Troop Treasurer) since then and hope to continue in this role…..frankly forever.

Along the way I have also held positions in the District and Council as well as several positions back in Pack 194 as my two boys transitioned through the Pack. Patrick started in 1999 and Henry started in 2004. Both boys wore my old scout shirt from my days in Pack 194 back in the 70’s! I am still the Pack’s Treasurer and hope to continue in this role…..frankly forever.

Now let us fast forward to the present day. I am the proud father of 4 great children. Patrick Coady, Troop 194’s 69th Eagle Scout who is serving in the US Army Reserves (recently returned from a 10 month deployment overseas) as well as attending Middlesex Community College. Melinda Coady is attending Middlesex Community College. Diana Coady is attending Keene State University in NH. Henry Coady is a junior in Bedford High and currently holds the rank of Life scout in Troop 194.

So, in conclusion, I am coming up on 43 years of Scouting all in Bedford with Pack and Troop 194. It has been a wonderful experience and I hope to continue my adventure with 194 for many more years to come!

Assistant Scoutmaster:  Jon “O.C.” O’Connor (OC_troop194_addy)


My Scouting career started in a town southeast of Boston called Weymouth, MA.  My Mom was our Den Leader, we had a rank called “Lion” – like in the Wizard of Oz – “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears…. Oh my.”  Under the guidance, and much patience of my two Scoutmasters (Mr. Pratt & Ron Parry) of Troop 2, at 15 years old, I earned my Eagle rank in May 1970.  My positions included Patrol Leader, Instructor, and Drummer in the Troop 2 Drum Corp, Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, and Assistant Scoutmaster.

I’ve always loved Scouting.  Even after enlisting in the US Air Force in 1973, I used my first leave to fly back to summer camp on Cliff Island on Newfound Lake, NH.  While stationed in Japan, I assisted a local Troop on Yokota Air Base – really loved our adventure climbing Mount Fuji.

When my son became a Cub Scout, naturally daddy re-engaged again; holding positions as Popcorn Kernel at the Pack, Troop, District, and Council levels.  Other positions (some held currently) included Assistant Scout Master, Scout Master, Crew Advisor, Friends of Scouting Presenter, National Youth Leadership Training Advisor at Camp Storer, Merit Badge Instructor at Merit Badge University, and a member of various Eagle Scout Boards of Reviews.

My lovely wife Lynne (my better 7/8s) and I have been blessed with two wonderful children; both involved in Scouting.  Victoria, soon to graduate Catholic University, was a past Venture Crew President.  Our son, Austin, was Troop 194’s seventy-third Eagle Scout, currently attending Bridgton Academy in Maine.  Why not?, it seems like almost anything else the troop does is in Maine !  My favorite Scouter, who always does more than one “Good Turn” daily, Mrs. OC – (A.K.A. Lynne) and I are very proud of our children and their experiences in Scouting.

I’ll passionately continue my involvement in Scouting, even without having any children of Scouting age. That’s simply because: “I’ll never be able to give back to Scouting all that I, myself, received from it as a kid……”  Not sure how many years I have in Scouting – Mr. Schyeder keeps track of that for me with a new pin each year.

Assistant Scoutmaster:  Dan Grant

(Dan’s photo & story coming soon!)


Assistant Scoutmaster:  Ken Scheyder (KS_troop194_addy)


I started my scouting career as a Cub Scout in Brockton, MA, where I later became a Boy Scout.  Then we moved and I transferred into a Scout Troop in Milton, MA.  We moved from there and I transferred into Boy Scout Troop 194 in Bedford, where I became Troop 194’s 6th Eagle Scout.  While I attended college I served as an Assistant Scoutmaster.  After graduating from college I got a job in Bedford, and that made it easy to continue being active in the Troop.  Since then I have also served Troop 194 as the Committee Chairman and as Scoutmaster.

I enjoy the outdoors and have easily spent over a year of my life camping in the woods.  I am married to Lois and have two children Marie and Emily.  Marie is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University and Emily is a senior at Westford Academy.  Thus far I have been in Scouting for over 40 years and it has been quite an adventure.

Assistant Scoutmaster:  Mark Maurice


My Scouting adventure started in a town in New York on the Connecticut border called South Salem / Lewisboro.  I joined Lewisboro Pack 1 in 1968. My Mom was our Den Leader, and my dad helped with the Pack. I stayed in Cub Scouts until I turned 11 in 1972 when I earned my Arrow of Light and transitioned into Boy Scout Troop 1 in Lewisboro.

Boy Scouts was the adventure I had always hoped for – camping, hiking, learning new things, being in the outdoors, spending time with my friends. We participated in Camporees at West Point and always did well to win awards. I didn’t have a father through all my scouting years and my Scout Master filled that role perfectly. Carl Trott was patient and always had an ear to listen and guide. I made it to Star rank and held the positions as Senior Patrol Leader.

My most memorable moment as a scout was canoeing on Lake George in NY the summer of 1979. It was a windy, bad weather day. We were canoeing along the shore. We heard cries for help out in the lake. We saw someone waving in the water. We tied several canoes together and started paddling out. A man had fallen out of his sail boat. By the time we got to him he was face down in the water. We pulled him into our canoes and revived him. We brought him to shore and had the other scouts call 911. The ambulance arrived. The troop was honored for saving his life in a ceremony that year.

When my son Connor became a Cub Scout in Pack 194 in Bedford in 2003, I couldn’t wait to become active in the Pack and have fun with my son. During Connors 5 years and my second son Cameron’s 6 years as a Cub Scout I held the positions of: Tiger Den Leader, Cub Scout Den Leader, Advancements Chair, and Cubmaster. Both my boys earned the Arrow of Light and transitioned into Troop 194 in Bedford.

Connor stayed with scouting for 7 years and became Troop 194s Seventy-Eighth Eagle Scout. He is now at College at St. Michael in Burlington, VT. Cameron has a few more years remaining in the Troop and is currently a Life Scout and working on his Eagle Project. I am very proud of my two boys and what they have accomplished. My wife Michelle is the glue that binds our family together. Without her support the three boys wouldn’t be able to have all this fun with the troop activities.

I have been an Assistant Scout Master for 4 years. I also hold the position of Commissioner and support the three scouting units in Bedford. I coordinate the Skiing and Boarding trip to VT each year in February/March. I also coordinate the week long summer camp each year.

I believe that Scouting is by far the best program for the development of boys to become young men. The program guides boys to develop themselves to do their best. It teaches them about community service, kindness, leadership and team work. Most important is having fun with their friends. I plan to stay with the scouting program even after my boys are done.