Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout Badge of Rank

Eagle Scouts are a distinguished fraternity of men and can be found in nearly all walks of life: public service, the armed forces, business, the arts, and sports. Notable Eagle Scouts include President Gerald Ford, Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong, “Little Rock Nine” activist Ernest Green, former Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino, and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Eagle is the highest rank a Boy Scout can earn. Becoming an Eagle Scout requires holding leadership positions in a troop for at least six months since attaining the Life rank, earning 21 merit badges (including 13 required), and providing several references of personal integrity and character. As a capstone, an Eagle candidate must plan, develop, and lead a service project that benefits his community.

Our roster of Eagle Scouts (Number, Name, Service Project) since 1970 is over 90!


92 Alan Wang. Procurement and assembly of fall prevention information kits for the elderly.

91 John Giaquinto. Built a kiosk at the beginning of the yellow blaze access trail entering the Wilderness Park Conservation Area, near the Middlesex Community College parking lot.

90 Neal Finnegan. Built a kiosk for trail maps and information at the head of a new, town-constructed boardwalk along Davis Road.


89 Ty Fornier. Researched, wrote, and directed a public service announcement about diabetes prevention and management.

88 Nathaniel “Buddy” Brown. Conservation project building a bog bridge to a local trail.

87 Max Goldman. Garden project at Bedford High School.


86 Devon Porter. Built and installed bat boxes and made signage for recreation land.

85 Cameron Maurice. Constructed emergency comfort kits supporting Bedford Fire Department and emergency-response teams.


84 Jalan Pedonesi. Built raised garden beds for senior citizens at the Council on Aging.


83 Trenton Sanders. Constructed a wheelchair-accessible picnic table and grilling platform at the Edith Nourse Rogers VA Hospital.

82 Steven DeVellis. Created and erected a trails kiosk at the entrance to the Fawn Lake Trail in Bedford.

81 Quinn Houck. Collected and delivered needed personal and sanitary goods to needy families, including developing and translating a survey determining particular needs and coordinating donations from all over Bedford.

80 Roy Watson-Badell. Researched, wrote, and directed a public service announcement about obesity and prevention.


79 Rhett Genatempo. Painted house numbers on the curbs at Hanscom Air Force Base, to aid emergency services in locating people in need.


78 Connor Maurice. Created and erected a trails kiosk in Bedford.

77 Drew Glenn. Renovated the gazebo at Hanscom AFB’s chapel.

76 Jason Vafiades. Designed and built a multi-function cabinet for the altar at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Lexington.

75 Josh Fournier. Delivered more than 200 warm hand-knit hats to the Lowell Food Pantry, many of which he knitted; the rest were knit by friends and others, some of whom he taught to knit..

74 Augustine Villanueva. Restructured and refurbished the storage room at the Hanscom Spouses Club.


73 Austin O’Connor. Completed repairs and renovations at Bedford’s Job Lane House.

72 Nicholas Vafiades. Led construction of a bookstore at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Lexington.


71 Robbie Santamaria. Built a trails kiosk for the Bedford Trails Committee to hold signs and other information for hikers.

70 Jeremy Poe. Blazed a trail from the Bacon-Fitch Mille Site to the adjacent road, creating access to the historical site.

69 Patrick Coady. Built a patio at the Parish of St. Michael to create a place for outdoor Mass.

68 Kevin Criscione. Made emergency hygiene kits to send to places of need through Church World Service.


67 Carl Thrasher. Built a 20’ x 10’ kick wall, used for athletic practices, for a local school.


66 Bill Johnson. Designed, built, and placed benches for guests at Lt. Job Lane School.

65 Kevin Harkins. Built a grapevine arbor near the Lt. Job Lane House.

64 Andrew Davis. Constructed a new trail from the family campground at Hanscom AFB to Bedford’s Hartwell Town Forest trail system.

63 Ben Davis. Led repair and restoration of the perimeter trail at Carleton-Willard Village.


62 Ryan Murphy. Renovated the special-needs classroom at the Parish of St. Michael.

61 David Churella. Built a balance platform as part of an outdoor ropes course at the Edith Nourse Rogers Veterans’ Hospital.

60 Rory Thrasher. Reclaimed and restored a forest and stream area on Hanscom AFB.

59 Kevin Grant. Built greenhouses at the Edith Nourse Rogers Veterans’ Hospital for patients to use for gardening.


58 Dan Cullen. Led volunteers in the design, construction, and installation of signs and benches at the Clark Conservation Area.

57 Matt Poe. Finished a basement room at the Parish of St. Michael.

56 Michael Norton. Educated Bedford residents in flag etiquette. Collected over 500 U.S. flags and retired them in a ceremony.

55 James Betz. Designed and constructed a memorial garden at the Edith Nourse Rogers Veterans’ Hospital

54 1Lt Peter Betz. Constructed raised harden beds for patients at the Edith Nourse Rogers Veterans’ Hospital.


53 1LT Bradley P. Davis. Landscaped the grounds at the Bedford Police Department.

52 Matt Bushnell. Renovated the second floor at the old Bedford railroad station, now a museum.


51 Scott Dalrymple. Built a prayer garden including a labyrinth, bench, and flowers at First Church of Christ—Congregational.

50 Brian Blake. Cleared foot trails around Fawn Lake, and installed walkways.

49 Timothy Churella. Cleaned out a garden are and created a trail in the Bedford Town Forest.


48 Matt Fish. Built a 32’ bridge across a stream, and built and renovated trails leading to it.

47 Brian Coppola. Rerouted a 250’ section of the Tophet Loop Trail at Great Brook Farm State Park, Carlisle.

46 Peter Stewart. Built 12 wooden pew candle stands and stained and weatherproofed 14 wooden crosses for the Parish of St. Michael.


45 Andrew Churella. Improved an area around a small vernal pool near Bedford High School.

44 Brad Vatter. Built a new portion and removed eroded trail portion at Great Brook Farm State Park in Carlisle.


43 Eric Rogers. Cleared and blazed a loop trail in the Minnie Reid Conservation Area.


42 Mark E. Arsenault. Built three pieces of furniture—a ladder, table, and bookshelf—at the Lt. Job Lane House.


41 Shawn R. Downs. Build an outdoor nursery school play area at Bedford High School, and helped build a playground at the Lutheran Church of the Savior.


40 Chris S. Betz. Surveyed all trails in Bedford’s conservation area. Built a database prioritizing bridge repairs. Got funding and built two bridges.


39 Ben Waterhouse. Cut a trail through the Carlson Conservation Area.


38 Kevin Duris. Cleared and restored trails around Fawn Lake.

37 Joe L. Poulin. Build three bridges for the Bedford Conservation Commission.


36 Bill Busch. Cleared brush at Gore Place in Waltham.


35 Matt Wright. Cleaned a section of Elm Brook of manmade and natural debris.

34 David Kelleher. Promoted smoke detector installation in Bedford.

33 Brian Gellatly. Cleaned a section of Elm Brook of manmade and natural debris.


32 Charles Curtis. Built and placed wood duck boxes in Jackman, Maine.

31 James Chris Sparks. Cleaned a section of Elm Brook of manmade and natural debris.

30 Craig Minassian. Home Identification project to install street numbers at houses throughout town, to aid police and fire.

29 Robert Huffman. Planted a row of bushes to screen the Jordan Conservation Area from Hartwell Road, used for public gardens.


28 John Carter. Installed and repaired wooden duck boxes at the National Wildlife Refuge, under sponsorship of the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

27 Martin Clements. Located and check wood duck boxes near Parker Mountain, New Hampshire.

26 Gary Kleiman. Helped the Bedford Conservation Commission rebuild and repair trails in town recreational areas.


25 Allan Coady. Build two wooden bridges over Springs Brook, to provide access to Lewsac Lodge (now Carleton-Willard Village) to the recreation center.

24 Francis McGovern. Cleaned the Elm Brook Conservation Area and posted information signs at Fawn Lake.

23 David Courtoglous. Cleaned and rebuilt a campsite in the Bedford Town Forest.


22 Richard F. Papalia. Restoration and beautification of the grounds at Fawn Lake.

21 Glen T. Cullen. Developed a fire safety and prevention program for elderly residents at Bedford Housing Authority’s Ashby Place.


20 Paul Scheyder. Preservation and restoration at the Lt. Job Lane House.

19 William Carter. Reconstructed a dam at the Bueler Ponds Conservation Area.


18 Richard Greene. Planned sidewalk locations along Concord Road.

17 William Mooney.

16 Dr. William O’Brien.

15 Dr. A. Anthony Pandiscio Jr.

14 Richard Sparks. Cleared brush and vegetation to improve visibility at a busy intersection.


13 Steve Ferri. Collected Christmas toys for underprivileged children in partnership with the Bedford Police Department.

12 Raymond Pelletier. Cleaned a section of Elm Brook.

11 Dan Harrington. Conducted a program to collect Christmas toys for underprivileged children.

10 Arthur F. Green. Planned and organized an emergency preparedness program in Shelburne, Vermont.

9 James Harrington. Cleaned a section of Elm Brook.

8 Robert Warwick. Arranged to have the history of the Bedford Flag translated into several languages, which were then donated to the Bedford Public Library.

7 John Libby. Contributed entertainment programs and equipment for convalescent care at Emerson Hospital.

6 Ken Scheyder. Cleaned a section of Elm Brook.


5 Dean B. Whitehead. Collected Christmas toys for underprivileged children, in cooperation with the Bedford Police Department and The Salvation Army.

4 Bruce Draper. Restored and maintained the Old Burying Ground on Springs Road.


3 Bruce Warwick. Distributed a community guide for the Town of Bedford.


2 Keith Whitehead.


1 Philip L. Prugnarola. Conducted a program to collect clothing, household articles, and canned goods for needy residents.