Join Troop 194

General:  Troop 194 is inclusive (joining criteria are listed here) and looks forward to having you join.  Though young men may choose to join us at any time, in March of every year, the Webelos of Cub Scout Pack 194 (Bedford, MA) transition into our troop as Boy Scouts, and we have approximately 10 new Scouts that start together.

The transitioning Webelos are mostly 10.5 – 12 years old.  You do not need to be a Cub Scout or a Webelo to join Boy Scouts, and a young man can join at any age up through 17.  In fact, many of our most successful scouts joined a various times during the year, without any Cub Scout experience, and at various ages.  In order to join Troop 194 as either a YOUTH member (11-17) or as an adult, you’ll need to complete some paperwork.

Please contact Mr. Allan Coady (AC_troop194_addy) and he will provide you with the necessary forms and information.  There are annual dues, but they are not considered expensive by most.

Email Communications:  Email is our primary means of communication when not at meetings.  Once you are a member, you will be given a set of email addresses., one will be for the scout and one for each parent.  You will be able to set up forwarding to any preferred email account as well.  The troop naming convention is generally Firstname_troop194_addy so that people can easily identify each other’s addresses.  During the school year, the parents and scouts typically receive a weekly update email.  In addition, we also have a Troop Facebook page

Scout Handbook:  Upon joining, a scout will be given a Scout Handbook by the troop.  It is a neat reference book that covers the scout priorities, basic skills, and requirements (and a log) for advancements.

Scout Uniforms:  A new scout is welcome to wear casual clothes when they come visit.  When they join, they will eventually need to (and want to) buy a traditional collared Boy Scout shirt from a store (not the troop).  The nearest scout shop is the Woburn Scout Shop, located at the base of Building 600 (a big office-looking building), at 600 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA, 01801, phone (791) 937-4248.

The troop will provide most of the patches and we don’t require official headgear or pants.  See the document in the Files & Forms page as to where the patches go on the uniform.

Boy Scout “Class-A” tan collared shirt (most buy short sleeve): purchased by the joining scout’s family at a Scout Shop upon joining the troop.

Various patches for Class-A shirt: (Boston Minuteman Council patch, Purpose World Scouting patch, Troop 194 patch)

Boy Scout “Class-B” green short sleeve shirt- provide by troop after earning the rank of “Scout,” which is typically accomplished within the first month of joining Boy Scouts

“Troop Jacket” (and two patches for it)- a grey windbreaker- provided by the troop after earning the rank of “Tenderfoot,” the next advancement level after “Scout”

Rank patches- provided by the troop after being earned by the scout

Also, since Troop 194 is all volunteer-led, we rely on parents to assist with sub-committes and special projects (at least 2 per family is requested).

Camping Gear:  you don’t need any gear to join, though new Scouts tend to purchase gear from various stores bit by bit as they progress in Scouting.  The troop provides tents for youth for all Scout campouts and has extras of most of the gear needed for new scouts to get going.   See packing lists on Files/Forms tab for a feel for what a Scout will want to bring with them on a campout.  The bottom line is please join- whether you have camping gear or not.