July 2016!


Links of interest:

Philmont Scout Ranch General Information

Camping information (from the Philmont website)

YouTube videos of Philmont here.

Note: Contact the Scoutmaster if you are interested in attending! Slots filling up quickly.

–Original announcement—

Message from Jeff Carter, Scoutmaster, below. More information to follow!

From: Jeff Carter
Sent: Thursday, December 4, 2014 19:21
To: Scouts, Troop 194  Bedford

Subject: Re: The skinny on Philmont (SUCCESS!)


The lottery results for the Troop have been received.

Troop 194 has has been assigned a 12-day Trek from July 4th, 2016 to July 15th, 2016 for up to 12 people. I preferred dates later in the month, but this is what we were assigned.

In order to hold this slot, we must receive financial commitments (that’s real, non-refundable money) from a minimum of 7 participants (5 Youth/2 Adults or 4 Youth/3 Adults) by the end of January.

The payment schedule (for the $870 Philmont fee, not including transportation) is:

$100 Deposit prior to 1/30/2015

$385 Payment prior to 10/1/2015

$385 Payment prior to 3/1/2016

$870 Total

Transportation will probably be more than this — we will travel as a group, there will be many logistical details to work out once we get an attendees list.

Detail about who is eligible are in the mail below — most current Scouts in the Troop will meet the minimum age requirement, since this is over a year and a half away.  Any Scout or Venturer who is over 18 but less than 21 is eligible to attend as a Youth member, as long as they are registered with the BSA in some capacity.