Uniforms and Gear

Hoisting colors

Scouts have two basic uniforms. 

  • Class A: tan collared Boy Scout shirt (required), Boy Scout pants/shorts or regular khakis, neckerchief with slide, and Boy Scout hat. The Class A shirt should include several insignia. Troop 194 will provide unit numerals and an “American Legion Boy Scout” patch, and all advancements. Other insignia, including the Spirit of Adventure Council patch and World Crest, are available from the Scout Shop (see below).
  • Class B: green short-sleeve shirt, provided by the troop after earning the rank of Scout (typically accomplished within the first month of joining Boy Scouts)

Additionally, Scouts who have earned the Tenderfoot rank will receive a troop jacket: a grey windbreaker provided by the troop.

Shirts, patches, and other gear can be purchased at the Woburn Scout Shop, 600 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA, 01801, (781) 937-4248. Scouts are encouraged to hand down uniform parts that no longer fit to others who may need them. A Scout is Thrifty!

New and prospective Scouts are welcome to wear casual clothes when they come visit.

Camping Gear: No gear is required to join the troop. New Scouts tend to purchase gear on an as-needed basis as they progress in scouting. The troop has a supply of loaner tents for youth for all Scout campouts, and most group cooking gear is shared.

Patrol Boxes: Troop 194 is pleased to make available detailed plans for patrol kitchen boxes, useful for camping trips and other Scout activities. The plans are based on an original design (c) 2012 by Ishkotekay, redesigned (c) 2021 by Pat Coppolla and James Cullen. You are welcome to copy and distribute these plans freely. If you modify the plans and distribute the modification, however, you must include your name and credit past authors. Please review the READ_ME file first!